Babies are cute, and so are the little pajamas we love to buy for them. But when it comes to the best choice of sleepwear for your baby, you might have to look for something more than just cute.

When you are looking for the best sleepwear for baby this time round, consider such factors as comfort, age of the baby, and safety. Generally, I’d advice anyone to avoid garments that have strings, ribbons, and decorative aspects that could possibly pose the risk of choking.

Newborns should always be dressed in sleepwear that will keep them warm, though you can compensate for this by ensuring that the room is warm enough for them.

First of all, footless bodysuits or onesies are an all-time favorite for parents. Getting a good brand is important, and kimono onesies may come in handy here. This brand is favored because of its light nature which also gives a comfortable silky feel against the baby’s skin. It is easy to put on and to take off also. You are sure to get good kimono onesies at an average cost of $20.

Another great choice is footed rompers. Most parents will prefer zipper closure bodysuits that are easy on the baby. With an organic cotton footed romper, you will not have to worry about adding coverings to the cot. They also provide snug and comfort. Most cost just the same as footless onseies.

In case you are looking for specific brands, be sure to check out Spasilk, Finn + Emma and H&M. These three will not let you down if you are looking for soft, stylish and pocket friendly choices for your baby.

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Remember you don’t have to swaddle your baby through the night. If you think the baby is not warm enough and you cannot adjust the room temperature, have two light blanket sleepers added to the cot. If, however, you feel the necessity of swaddling, choose a swaddle that allows room for free leg movement. Read more

Written by: cyrus_w