Gaming has evolved a lot in a relatively short period, getting from the basic 8-bit games of the 90s to today’s impressive MMORPGs with realistic graphics and intricate storylines. The industry has reached massive proportions, turning from what it was initially, a hobby, to something that people can actually make a living out of.

Whether they come from South Korea, the United States, UK or any other countries, gamers have roughly the same expectations, demands and guilty pleasures. Regardless of their culture or language, they can get along and online multiplayer games are clear proof of this. People from various countries and of various ages can meet in an online gaming website and collaborate, despite the fact that they have nothing else in common. In fact, the way gamers interact online and what this interaction means from a social perspective has been analyzed several times and new evidence comes to show that being a gamer is not the individualistic, socially reclusive activity it once was.

[Facts You Should Know About Online Games]

Before the Internet became widely available, people would play alone on their personal computers and the only way they could have someone else join was if the game had a multiplayer mode. However, playing against a computer was not the most fun someone could have, which is why people soon started to create their own networks, so that they could play together. Now, the Internet helps the sense of community and competition come to life. People no longer play by themselves. In fact, most major developers now include multiplayer modes and to make the most out of a game you have to be logged in. In other cases, the very genre implies more players. For example, you can play FIFA by yourself against the computer, but you’ll have more fun if you sign up online and play against real people, because it’s more challenging. Alternatively, you can start looking for the best gaming website and become a part of the community.

Player interaction doesn’t have to be limited to same game, because you can join a social network for gamers and share your achievements and opinions with others. You can even create profile and use it to find others with similar interests. You can think of this kind of niche network as a utility or as a social tool. On the one hand, you have access to a community of people who share the same interests as you and can help you out of if you have a problem or a question. On the other hand, you can make friends and meet gamers from all over the world. No matter what makes people join such sites, one thing is clear: the world of gaming is interconnected. Whether you want to show off your competitive or collaborative spirit, it is easier than ever to become a member of an online community and take your passion to the next level. When you also add practical benefits, such as having all your data stored into one place, it becomes clear that you should register and be social.

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